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      Firstly, you have to register on our site Here .

      Secondly, copy the below template into a new forum post under “Applications” and ask on every question!

      Before to apply you should read:


      One of the most rewarding aspects of MMO gaming is being a part of a fun, sociable, active and engaged community of skilled players. If you feel the same way, make Shademist Clan your home guild during your time in Tamriel.


      You use the blood of your enemies to cool your PC. It doesn’t bother you when we talk **** and crack jokes on TS, which you use whenever you play with us, which is often compared to your other guilds. You want to be better at the game, know how to be a good student, and have what it takes to be a good teacher when your time comes. You understand that drama and all that bull**** belongs in the school yard.

      ABOUT US

      We are looking for new recruits who can meet the above criteria, fit in, and refrain from spreading any ****. We don’t care about your time allowance for the game or class. The same goes for your spec and current skill level, since both will improve drastically once you join. What matters is your character, integrity and personality. ” -rastadreadlion


      -Tell us everything you think is important!

      -Deal with it serious and don’t **** it up!

      -Read rules and be sure that you agree with them!

      You also have to have the qualities that all Shademist Clan members have, that is friendliness, team spirit, willing to learn & take criticism, no raging, no drama, & most of all respect for all players no matter their background, race, language, or skill level.

      We require all of members to be on TeamSpeak 3 and be able to communicate when we do guild things.


      Do you have TeamSpeak 3 Software? Do you have a microphone/headset?


      How did you find out about Shademist Clan?


      Do you know anyone in Shademist Clan?


      What guilds have you been a member of? Did you leave on good terms and what were your reasons for leaving? (List past 3 months)


      List all your characters:

      userID: @





      Magicka/ Stamina based:


      Are you pve or pvp focused? Maybe pvx?


      What are your biggest achievements in The Elder Scrolls Online?


      Please list any other information about yourself and a brief note telling us why you should be considered by Shademist Clan for an invitation.

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